Thank you for your interest in being a part of Calvary Worship!

The worship ministry of Calvary exists to put Jesus on display. When His followers come together and lift Him up something incredible takes place; lives are transformed, bodies are healed, and people are made whole in His presence. As musicians and singers, we use our gifts to lead His church in spirit and truth worship. We want to create the best possible opportunity for people to encounter the love of Jesus and allow the space for personal response to His love. We believe we are to do more than duplicate the original recording and perform a playlist of songs. We are to move with what God is doing in the moment and are looking for artists who are willing to be led by the Spirit in real-time. We have an incredible team of creative and excellent musicians that flow in unity, humility, and love.

Below, you will find the steps for our audition process. As you move forward, we would love to hear your experience as a worshipper and how you feel called to use your gifting! If you have questions, please reach out to our team by emailing

– Pastor Shawn Nichols


Sign up for Growth Track

You don’t have to attend a Growth Track class before proceeding to Step 2, but you will need to join us for a Growth Track class before you serve on the team. If you have already attended GT, you can proceed to step 2!


Worship Application and Audition Video


Live Audition By Invitation