What to Expect

What to Expect

The Qualification Process for New Musicians for

Calvary Worship Dream Team

After reading through the process below, click the “apply” button to begin the Calvary Worship application.

We are so excited that you have shown interest in being a part of the Calvary Worship Dream Team. This is an incredible group of musicians (singers and instrumentalists) who love to worship the Lord and help to create an atmosphere for people to encounter Jesus, every single week. WE ARE A FAMILY. We serve God, each other and the church from a pure heart of gratitude and love. We pray for each other and are a constant encouragement to one another. As the leadership, we believe God has called us to equip those He sends for the work of the ministry. You have been designed and gifted by God for a purpose and we are here to help you discover that for your life. Because we have a mandate to multiply, we value adding new team members often.

  • Here are some of the reasons this is so exciting. Each new team member:
  • Brings a fresh voice, sound, idea and perspective to the team.
  • Creates opportunities to mentor and develop the next generation.
  • Helps the team stay balanced and healthy by avoiding burnout.
  • Raises the level of commitment and skill.
  • Helps us diversify our styles of music & media.
  • Helps us become a multiplying and sending church.

What should you expect as you seek to become a worship team musician?

1. We are looking for character, craft, chemistry, calling and connection.

Character – This involves your integrity and spiritual walk.

Craft – This involves your:

  • Musical skill and experience.
  • Ongoing commitment to musical growth.
  • Platform presence and expression.
  • Leadership ability.

We believe 1 Chronicles 25:6-8 sets a precedent that our musicians should be skilled. Because of that, we have a process to qualify potential team members. By the way, we are committed to helping you grow in all of these areas.

Chemistry – This looks at how well people fit together. As we grow larger, we understand not everyone will be best friends on the team. A person may click better with some more than with others. However, there needs to be respect and camaraderie between members in order for us to create and maintain a great team culture.

Calling – Essentially we’re looking for individuals who have a sense that God is leading them to serve in this ministry, an affirmation of that call by leadership, the availability to be committed to our midweek rehearsals and a heart that honors God by serving His church.

Connection – This specifically focuses on a person’s connection with Calvary. Being connected to the body of Christ through active involvement in the local church comes before serving on any specific Dream Team. If you’re new here, we may move ahead slower in order to check previous church references. We believe in the principle, “how you leave one season is how you enter the next.” Your spiritual health is a high priority to us.

We do occasionally make allowances for people to participate as guest musicians if they meet other aspects of qualification.

2. It’s a process.

More than a one-step event, becoming a part of the team is a process. We want to have the opportunity to get to know you before figuring out how you might fit best on the Worship Dream Team. You also need time to make sure this team is a good fit for you.

Here’s what it looks like:

Step One: Complete Growth Track

Growth Track begins on the first Sunday of each month and meets for three weeks.

Step Two: Application

Complete the online application. After completion, we will contact you to set up the next step in the process. Calvary Worship Dream Team Application

Step Three: Initial Interview

We want to get to know you personally. We can connect in-person, on a phone call, or a zoom meeting.

  • We’ll discuss your Worship Dream Team Application.
  • We’ll also discuss why you feel God might be calling you to minister in this area.
  • We’ll answer any questions you might have about serving on the worship team.

Step Four: Video Audition

This is an easy and less intimidating way to share you abilities with us. These videos do not need to be professionally recorded. They can be recorded using an iPhone, go-pro, or any other video recording device. Record two worship songs that you connect with personally and send them via text or WhatsApp. Again, our team is here to help you with this process. After the team has reviewed your video, you may be asked to start an online worship leadership course as we continue through the process.

Step Five: Live Band Audition

This is the fun part. We get the opportunity to jam together and worship the Lord. You will sing or play some predetermined songs with a group of musicians from the team. We may also flow together and explore the specific giftings God has given you. We want to see:

  • Your connection with others, relationally and musically.
  • Your musical strength in a group setting – (i.e. can you sing and play in time with drums/click, can you compliment the other voices/instruments, etc.)
  • Your platform presence and expression, especially from our vocalists.

Step Six: Welcome to the team

If this seems like a great fit, we’ll invite you to be a part of the team.

Step Seven: Acclimation

During this step, we’ll help you learn our systems and culture, such as:

  • How to use Planning Center Online. (That’s our scheduling, and music distribution tool.)
  • Learning our in-ear monitors system. At this point, you’ll get more information about all the aspects of being on the team, scheduling, times, dress code, etc.

3. Understand there’s a possibility of hearing “No.”

There are a number of reasons why someone wouldn’t qualify to be on the worship team:

Musical ability not at the level needed.

No current openings for a vocal part or instrument.

Issues of character.

Interpersonal issues – if someone doesn’t mesh well with current team members during the qualification process.

Too new to our church with no other solid references from other churches or leaders.

Because we value you, we will be open and forthright with our observations. Here is our approach to saying “No”:

  1. We will say “No” as soon as it is apparent this is not a good fit. We do not wish to lead you along or give false hopes.
  2. We will say “Not yet, but please try again later” if we believe that you have potential with some work and development. We will give constructive feedback for things you can work on.
  3. We believe everyone is a “10” at something. We will help you take the first steps to find the ministry fit here at Calvary Church if you would like.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this. If you have specific questions before you apply, please contact Shawn Nichols (Worship Pastor) at shawn@cafrederick.com. If you’re ready to apply, click on: Calvary Worship Dream Team Application