Welcome Home!

We know it’s not easy visiting a church for the first time.

You may be asking yourself questions such as: Am I really welcome? Will I be conspicuous? How do I dress? Will my kids like it? Will they ask me for money? Am I welcome if I am not sure I believe? We want your visit to be stress-free and fun, so here is a quick overview of what to expect at our church.


Calvary Assembly is located at 8234 Woodsboro Pike, Walkersville, MD 21793 (right beside the Sheetz).  When you enter our parking lot, please feel free to utilize our specially reserved Guest Parking.  You will be greeted by our incredible Hospitality Team.  They are ready to answer any questions you have about where to go or what your next steps will be. We hope you will find Calvary Assembly to be friendly and welcoming no matter what your background. While some people dress up, most are just as comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt. Our focus is not on what you wear, but where you are headed in your relationship with God.

What To Expect

When you enter, you will be given a copy of Calvary Assembly’s bulletin by one of our Greeters. The bulletin has a map of our facility, details about the weekly classes we offer for all ages, information about our upcoming activities and events, and a space for sermon notes. A Guest Host will be ready to greet you at our Guest Information kiosk and will give you an opportunity to tell us about your family and register your children for their classes. Our Ushers will help you find a seat and answer any questions you may have. The service begins with some meaningful and high-energy worship, followed by a welcome and prayer.  Our lead pastor, Benny Ferguson, preaches a Biblical message that is meant to lead you to a place of LIFE CHANGE. The talk will last about 30-35 minutes, followed by prayer and an opportunity to respond in faith to Jesus. You’ll have an opportunity to give in our offering during each service.

The music at Calvary Assembly is contemporary (drums, guitars, keyboard, and vocalists). The band does a great job leading the worship service and you will enjoy learning new songs while occasionally singing some old favorites. The mission of the music ministry is to use the tool of music to encourage a lifestyle of worship.

As soon as we dismiss, you can pick up your kids from their classrooms and visit with our Hospitality Team to get more information about what’s happening at Calvary Assembly. The Hospitality Team will also have a small gift for you as a way of saying thank you for choosing to visit us.

Don’t hesitate to contact the church office with any questions at 301-898-7811 or info@cafrederick.com.


If you have kids (ages birth through 5th grade), you will be escorted to Kidtopia where you can register them for an EXCITING Sunday Morning!  You are always welcome to take your kids into the services with you, but most kids really enjoy Kidtopia. We have developed a good security system so you can be sure that your kids are safe and well cared for.  Grades 6-12 usually attend the Adult Worship Service with their parents.

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